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International Academy of Aviation Industry- KMITL Pre-Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot Camp

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The camp is your first step in preparation to study Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot Program (No. 9/2019) “Where your Ambition Take Flight”

For many young minds, becoming a pilot is out of reach. They dream of becoming warriors of the air. They have ambitions across the horizons of being pilots or engineers. For them, Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot is an idea familiar to them but still do not know what the real meaning of it.

And therefore, IAAI together with AAA launched a camp for everyone to be informed and help them learn how to become a pilot.

During the camp, students will have the chance to meet caliber mentors coming from prestigious airlines to share their knowledge and experiences as a pilot and to know what qualifications a pilot should have.

The camp has been organized to check the flight suitability of a student. After having been selected in the first round, the students will go through a medical examination by a licensed doctor. Passing the physical examination is a needed requirement for a student to be admitted in the Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot program.

For more information, please contact LINE: @aeroadmission.

 1) For students in grade 6 who wants to apply for the program in Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot must attend this camp because in the application process, a student must pass the flight suitability test.

 2)   Condition of Application

     a.   History of Education Graduation

b.  Studying in Grade 5-6 in the 12-year or 13-year education system      of International schools in Thailand

c. High School or Preparatory University Abroad studying Science -       Math

d. No Color Blindness

3) Documents Needed

a.       2 copies of ID card

b.     Copy of House Registration of each person and parents

c.       A copy of the High School Graduation Record

d.      1-inch photo, 1 photo activity

4)  Announcement of the list of eligible candidates to join the camp, visit:  http://aviation.kmitl.ac.th

For more information, kindly visit: www.aviation.kmitl.ac.th
or call 02-3298000 ext. 2317 / 06-5558-3116 / 06 -5558 - 3112

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