Korean Air's Liability [ยินดีให้แชร์]

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Domestic carriage of baggage by air is subject to the Korean Commercial Act, and International carriage of baggage by air is subject to the Montreal Convention or Warsaw Convention,depending on your journey. Korean Air's liability with respect to baggage loss, damage or delay typically is limited: (a) 1,000 SDRs per passenger in case of domestic carriage,(b) 1,131 SDRs per passenger where the Montreal Convention applies,(c) 20 USD per 1.0 kg of checked baggage where the Warsaw Convention applies.Higher liability limits apply if you make a special declaration of interest and pay a supplementary sum during check- in Korean Air assumes no liability for minor damage to checked baggage such as scratches,dents,nicks,cuts,scuffs,stains or loss of wxternal locks,straps,name tags,baggage.Korean Air assumes no liability for damage to sport equipment that is not contained in a cardboard box or a hard-sided case or musical instruments that are not packed in hard-sided cases designed for shipping musical instrument with protective internal material such as ample shock absorbing material/padding.
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