What happened in the neighborhood? [ยินดีให้แชร์]

In every living place. There’re always have neighbors.
With a secret.
No one talks about.
In this street. Everything is peaceful.
Like nothing could go wrong.
But then, the corpse was found in the bag by the member of the neighborhood.
That corpse is one of a servant who works in the home of the neighborhood.
Her boss was suspected.
He confesses.
“I didn’t kill her! My dog bit her to death!”
But on one believes. Everyone wants to send him to the police.
Suddenly, the victim becomes hunter.
“You guys also have a bad things to hide, and then you called me a murderer. All of you are the same as me!
Then the confinement begins.
“He can’t detain us forever!”
Her boss kept everyone from escaping.
“I’ve already done it. I’m sure that I carefully hide the bag and the corpse very well. Why someone else can see?”
“Who moves the bag?”
“What do they want from me?”
There’re 17th people in this street.
But the 18th person exists and begin to kill everyone.
“I’m not the only murderer.”
Don’t. Trust. Anyone.
“Are we all going to die?”
“Don’t worry. When the morning comes. You and I’ll be safe and sound.”
Crossing neighbors
By Punchangk

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