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No.63831 ʶҺѹ Oxblue Englsih Studio
No.63831 ʶҺѹ Oxblue Englsih Studio ʶҺѹ :
Oxblue Englsih Studio

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֡ : Kasem Bundit University: Mechanical Engineering

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My name is Alex. I am a Thai, living in Chiangmai, Thailand. I am a non-English naiver speaker, nor was I educated there the course of study conducted in English.

I obtained my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from a private university in Bangkok, Thailand; Ironically, It is the field that Ive yet utilised it. It perhaps is a fate. life is full of mystery, isnt it?

Travelling abroad where I have been to, the time spent approximately two priceless years and a half in Australia, is one of the best journeys has ever happened to my life as it has bridged me to a different perspective of life. It indeed has broadened my horizon in a bigger picture of how wonderful the world is.

Im a language enthusiast. I also actively do Yoga, Rock Climbing and trekking. Anyhow, readingiswhat I like most to educate myself believing that I am always a student.

I have been coaching with students from all over Asia; with a Singapore-basedinnovative education company wherestudents arefrom all over Asia. I am specialised and particularly interested in pronunciation and phonetics; The sounds of English.

The student I have coached, and have been coaching by conducting sessions remotely are from: Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar and Vietnam. Most students are sent for training by corporate companies. The rests are students from a University Of Peace of United nation. The students English varies ranges from: Lower-beginner level to Advanced level; plus Business English, Test Preparation; IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC Examination Test, and Writing.

I have a neutral British accent with a clear speech; and the session is conducted in English only.

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йѡ¹ͺ IELTSͧԷ Univesity of Peace of The United Nations йѡ¹ҡȽ
- Lower-beginner level to Advanced level
- Business English,
- Test Preparation; IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC Examination Test, and Writing.
- Conversation
-Phonetics ͡§дѴ§繡ҧ

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