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No.64861 ʶҺѹ SiDash English
No.64861 ʶҺѹ SiDash English ʶҺѹ :
SiDash English

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Brandon ҡѰԡ ջʺó͹ 4 Ѩغѹ㹻 2 ͹ IELTS ɰʵѧ֡ ͹Ҩù͹ѺԭҵմҹɰʵҡԷ Central Florida 4 շӧҹѺ ѷ ҵѰԡ ҹʹáͧҤ͡¹ԷʵûչҡԹҡҡԹҧС÷
ù͹繤سٷդеʹءѺҧطʹѺʹعҹ֡͵ͺʹͧͧá¹դʹᵡҧѹ աѺ¹ ʹз駼˭

Teacher Brandon is a native of the USA with four years of teaching experience. He has been living in Thailand for the last two years teaching IELTS, Economics, and Social studies. Prior to becoming a teacher, Brandon received a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Central Florida. He spent four years working with multinational corporations in the United States and Australia. His hobbies are learning languages, science, rock climb, hiking, sports, traveling and cooking.
Brandon is passionate teacher who enjoys creating academic-support strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations of individual students and small groups. No.64861 ʶҺѹ SiDash English