If you study computer engineering, what would you do after graduation?

โดย: Tanasanee

If you study computer engineering at Mahidol University.
What is your ideal career after your graduation?

Play and show the results to receive a souvenir at MU Open House on November 3-4, 2017.
Computer Engineering. Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University, Salaya.

Let's try.

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2 A flag has 3 colors.  How many colors for 10 flags?
3 If you drive a truck to get 43 people at NakhonPathom, get 7 people at Sukhothai, get 5 people at Lumpang, and arriving to ChiangRai in 6 hours later, who is the driver?
4 If the doctor gives you 3 tablets of medicine, then tell you to take these medicines for every half of hour.  How long do you have to take them?
5 How to copy file?
6 What is the software?
7 The homepage of a website is
9 Program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to "infect" other computers.
10 Google (www.google.com) is a
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