Computer and Technology Quizz[1]

Answer the questions by choosing the correct answer.

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Dek-D's Quiz
1 What power the computer use?
2 What is software?
3 What thing are computer used to receive data?
4 OS full name is?
5 A large network that connects computers all over the world. What is the meaning of?
6 Which country gave birth to the internet at first?
7 Which organization initiated the use of the internet?
8 Which is the IP address?
9 Which is the correct domain name?
10 Program that reads documents on a webpage to display on the screen. What is the meaning of?
11 What protocol to use in web browser?
12 Document pages that are linked to other documents by using the web browser. What is the meaning of?
13 Groups of related web pages that are under the same domain. What is the meaning of?
14 Which is a program that helps with chat?
15 Which is the use of information technology in communication?
16 How does information technology play a role in our daily lives?
17 Which one correctly describes the effect of using information technology?
18 Which one is the positive impact of the use of information technology on society?
19 Which one is the negative impact of information technology?
20 The youth addicted to violent games. With scenes of robbery and murder by playing for at least 12 hours / day. What are the negative effect?
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