Computer and Technology Quizz[2]

Answer the questions by choosing the correct answer.

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Dek-D's Quiz
1 Who is the creator of Facebook?
3 Which of the following people is using their computers most useful?
4 Which is the meaning of hardware?
5 Which is the operating system on a mobile phone?
6 What is the CPU unit?
7 What is the hard disk unit?
8 What is the name of the no wire internet signal?
9 Which name is not the name of a web browser?
10 Which item is not related to internet usage?
11 Which are all wireless data connection technology?
13 Which item refers to the information system used in management?
14 Which of these terms are synonymous with the word "IT"?
15 Which is an important aspect of information technology?
16 How information technology improves work efficiency?
17 Which of person use technology for data recording and storage?
18 What knowledge is most relevant for technology?
19 Which the following professions don't need information technology?
20 What is the result of technology that affect students?
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