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Dek-D's Quiz
1 Mr. Pravit is prepared to assist Ms. Prareena’s clients while____conducts a training seminar in New York.
2 New patients should arrive fifteen minutes before______scheduled appointments.
3 Please instruct employees with questions concerning the new payroll policy to contact____or Ms. Prareena directly.
4 Ms. Pang handed out copies of the agenda that_____printed for the meeting.
5 Employees from Pra Use International will arrive in Bangkok tomorrow for_____first training session.
6 Tuu Office Products offers businesses a ____ way to send invoices to clients online.
7 Please return the signed copy of the_________ agreement to the apartment manager's office in the enclosed envelope.
8 The Pracharat Bank is well-known for the______welcome that it extends to all new employees.
9 Mor one one two Technology uses three_______ of laboratory accuracy to ensure consistent results.
10 To receive______updates regarding your journal subscription status, please provide an e-mail address on the order form.
11 Prareena Publisher's dictionary database allows users to search for entries in_____languages.
12 Yesterday's festival featured some of the most____dancers that the Palace Theater has ever hosted.
13 Pracharat Logistics will expand the warehouse loading area in preparation for an_____in shipping activity.
14 All of Molina Language Institute's_____have three or more years of experience and a valid teaching credential.
15 For 6 years, Big Tuu Prop Company has been the premier_____of circus equipment for troupes around the world.
16 The editor granted Ms. Prause a deadline___some information in her building renovations report could be updated.
17 The research released by Henford Trust ranked automobile companies according to sales____and financial position.
18 All staff members should log in to their time and labor_____daily to record their hours worked.
19 A local steel manufacturing______has purchased the river front lot in order to increase its production capacity.
20 The Fountainview Hotel has rooms available for anyone who plans on______in Detroit during the annual conference.