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Pre-Final กฎข้อบังคับ

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Dek-D's Quiz
1 What is the meaning of a non-saleable add-on amount for Tariff publication purposes?
2 ​Calculated rate for a not defined city-pair by using procedure as described in the Rates books.
3 What is the meaning of an origin city and a destination city used in a rate publication?
4 Which one is not city-pair for a rate publication of BKK-FRA?
5 The authorization of the entitled party to deliver the shipment to a party other than the consignee shown in the AWB.
6 Means the refusal by a carrier, for a limited period, to accept for transportation over any route or segment thereof, and to or from any area........
7 ​A contract between two or more carriers to expedite exchange of traffic between the parties to the agreement.
8 What is the meaning of rates and charges shown in the Rates books are stated in the local currency of the country of commencement of transportation?
9 The value of goods declared to the carrier by the shipper for the purpose of determining charges or of establishing the limit of the carrier’s liability for loss, damage or delay.
10 Which one is not related Cargo Irregularity report?
11 What is the meaning of pivot weight?
12 Which one is related Fuel surcharge extend Thailand?
13 What is the meaning of the special code “NN” of the cargo manifest?
14 Any consignment other than a consignment containing valuable cargo as defined herein and charged for transportation at general cargo rates.
15 Which is equivalent to the term “Inedible animal product”?
16 Which one is not related Valuation charge?
17 The minimum of declared value for carriage of valuable cargo is…?
18 The special handling codes “PEF” on cargo manifest is…?
19 What is the meaning of the published rates, charges and related rules?
20 What is the meaning of “180” on Air waybill numbers?
21 The eight digits including a check digit placed in the extreme right position shall be inserted.
22 Which one is related a reserve asset used as a unit of account, as defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
23 Which one is related the following notation is made in the “Accounting Information” box on the AWB: CHARGES GUARANTEED BY SHIPPER?
24 If questions of refusal and/or offloading arise, the priority list below shall be followed that is not related.
25 Which one is incorrect of special cargo enter codes for special shipment?
26 Which one is correct for The Premium products of special cargo?
27 What is the meaning of “TGFORCE”?
28 What is coding of “Security check” must be entered on cargo manifest?
29 The repayment to the purchaser of all or a portion of a charge for unused carriage
30 CFM stand for………….
31 CONX stand for……
32 SPH stand for……….
33 ฟรี
34 How many levels of teletype message priority?
35 What is the meaning of indicate “QD” in teletype message?
36 Which one is not allowed to use in the teletype message?
37 The destination address of teletype message must not exceed………
38 The maximum of teletype message length is………..
39 Which one is not related to the Outbound Cargo?
40 Describe here the nature of goods as specifically as possible.
41 What is the meaning of “XXX” as shown on the AWB?
42 QTE stand for……………
43 The Invoice for import declaration purposes, stating the commercial price, added with the costs for freight, insurance and packing etc. Terms of delivery and payment.
44 Aircraft built with the purpose of carrying nothing else than cargo.
45 The document listing the air waybills and a specification of the related goods carried on a flight.
46 The party other than the consignee to be notified of arrival of the goods.
47 A list for customs declaration and consignment purposes stating number and kinds of packages being shipped, totals of gross, legal, and net weights of the packages......
48 The message stating the current and or expected status of the goods.
49 SSPD stand for…………
50 Regular checking on the status of goods and documents.