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Why English Program at KUMS?
1. Broaden Student's Perspective to study with Professional Lecturers.
2. Study abroad and Internship program with International Standard Universities
3. Increase Opportunities to work with Multi National company.
4. Smart Classroom and IT Facilities are available.
5. KUMS is at heart of EEC area and Surrounded by International Environment, welcoming and safe student city.

At a Glance
2 English Programs :
B.B.A. International Business
B.B.A. Finance and Investment

Duration: 4 years (2 semester per academic year)
Course Type: Taught Program
Application System: TCAS 3-5

B.B.A. International Business
Course Summary

International business management at present takes a crucial part in the economic system. International trade comprising of exports and imports plays the most important and common methods of international business transactions. Foreign investors pay more attention to Thailand market and invest more money in the country. Likewise, Thai entrepreneurs also invest more capital in the international market. However, managing International Business is elaborated in language, cultural, social, political, governmental and economic contrasts, including differences in business circumstances. Hence, International Business studies aim at delivering bachelors who have knowledge of international business administration and potentials to meet the labor market’s demand.

Course Structure
Compulsory Specialized Courses
International Trade Theory
International Business Management
International Distribution Channel
International Marketing Management
International Investment
Export and Import Management
International Trade Law
Global Business Strategies

Elective Courses
Mergers and Acquisition
Real-Estate Business Management
International Trade Business and Industry in ASEAN
Industry and Trade in Asia
Industry and Trade in Europe
Industry and Trade in Africa
Industry and Trade in North America
Industry and Trade in South America

B.B.A. Finance and Investment
Course Summary

Finance and investment play a significant role in every business organization and every financial market. Finance is mainly about raising, managing and allocating monetary resources to each department in the organization in order to make them accomplish their purposeful functions, whilst Investment is how individuals, firms, and funds allocate money to invest in assets expected to appreciate over time. For this reasons, it is such a great challenge for financiers and investors when planning and analyzing any financial projects to manage assets and investments in the current uncertain situations for the most beneficial profits.

Course Structure
Compulsory Specialized Courses
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Principles of Investment
Financial Markets and Institutions
Financial Communication and Presentation
Financial Management II
Investment in Equity Securities
Investment in Fixed Income Securities
International Financial Management I
Personal Financial Planning I
Financial Risk Management  

Elective Courses
Investment in Derivative Securities
Financial Management Information System
Entrepreneurial Finance
Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
Project Analysis and Evaluation
Portfolio Management
Investment Banking

Entry Requirements
                                                   1.    Applicants must have completed or are studying Matthayom 6 or its equivalent
(Science- Mathematics Program or Arts-Mathematics).
                                                   2.    They must have a minimum GPA of 2.00; in case of studying Mattayom 6, their GPA of five semesters must not be lower than 2.00.
                                                   3.    They must pass one of the English proficiency tests specified as follows:
                                                                                                                ONET > 15
                                                                                                      KUEPT > 20
                                                                                                      OOPT > 10
                                                                                                      IELTS > 3
                                                                                                      TOEFL: PBT > 393, CBT > 90, IBT ) 29
                                                   4.    Applicants must have the test results of GAT85, PAT71 or nine subjects as in Thai (09), social studies (19), English (29) and mathematics (39).


Further information, contact us
Tel: +66(0)38-352-828
Email: edu@ms.src.ku.ac.th


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